The Font Shop is now open! You can reach the international shop here and the Swedish shop here. WELCOME!


Free handwriting fonts. Find the perfect font for your personal use here!


My goal is that you will find your handwriting font here. To the shop. Maybe also get your own handwriting font!


If handwriting fonts isn't your piece of pie you can head over to the FontGarden archive for thousands of other fonts!

  • Information about the free handwriting fonts:

    • Direct downloads - just click the download button
    • Free for personal use
    • 82 free fonts available
    • Commercial use requires a donation

    Why this obsession with handwriting fonts?
    I have to preserve them for the future when noone knows what handwriting is anymore. Each and every font is unique, although not always perfect, but always useful - much like people...

    • Webbfonts included in purchase
    • Choose from currently 168 fonts
    • Tagged for your convenience
    • Testdrive before purchase
    Arial and Times New Roman in all honour. But sometimes you just need something else. Look around on shampoo bottles, magazines, menues and signs - handwritten fonts are everywhere. Sometimes as an accented footer, sometimes as the header. Never going out of style.
  • Take the step to preserve your own handwriting for the future. Great idea! I can help you with that. Just follow the steps:

    • Download the template
    • Print it out (a few papers to save more papers)
    • Fill it in
    • Don't forget the free text writing, that writing is what will make the font natural.
    • Scan in the papers (preferred) or take pictures with your phone
    • Send them in or upload the pictures
    • Wait two days to see and approve your font!
    • Have fun with it :)
    I work with FontLab 7 to make fonts. You will always receive otf and woff2 formats or any other you would like. You will be sent a preview to approve the font - and I will also work with you until you are satisfied with your own font. Have questions? Go here

Fun font facts

Did you know that the font Eurostile, designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962 is a very popular font in science fiction movies and media? Stanley Kubericks movie 2001 - A Space Odyssey (1968) was one of the first to use the typeface. Doctor Who's second doctor series used Eurostile for the credits (1966-1969).

Star Trek: Enterprise title was set in Eurostile. The Canadian 20 dollar bill between 2004-2012 used Eurostile as well. Eurostile is a Sans-serif font - still being used and recreated from the original metal fonts. Have a look at the famous font here.

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