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Template updated 30th of January 2011

1. Print out the template that suits you from above and write the letters under the default font, do not use a led pencil or blue roller ball pen, rather a black pen which will give consistent lines and scan well! Thin pen gives a thin font, thick pen gives a fat font. Experiment! The font will look the way it does on the paper.

2. Try with help of the support lines to keep the size of the letters consistent in relation to each other, the zero and the O are examples of characters that are always too small or too large... I may choose to take letters from your written sample text if I find any characters that look better in your consistent writing.

3. If your handwriting tends to slant in any direction, please try to keep a constant angle when you write so that your font will look smooth - if it's not naturally "weedy" of course...

4. When you are done filling in the characters donít forget to write the alliterations out with your continuous handwriting. I am really grateful if you do this even if it seems like much text to write. This is
used by me to set the spacing in the font. These characters will also be used by me to replace any weird chars from the template.

5. You donít have to create all the letters listed - just make those you are interested in, however if you are into selling your font, filling in all characters will speed up the addition to the shop.

6. You may also put any dingbats (little drawings to replace some characters) wherever you want them. Iíll put them at the same letter you draw them under. If you want an all dingbat font, just use a white paper and skip this template. You can draw as many dingbats as there are letters in the
alphabet. However if you would like your dingbats in a separate font you are ordering two fonts.

7. Scan your papers in preferably at 600 dpi two colors only - black and white - this will give the best results. If you final file is 33MB's it is not 2 colors although it looks like it, if that happens you can open the file in any drawing program and look for decrease color depth and choose 2 colors and the result will be a file of around 4 MB's don't save it as jpg use the tif format as this will not compress the picture as ugly as jpg does. E-mail the files directly or compress them if you like with winzip or stuffit or send multiple emails if you have a limit to your mailbox, to

8. Your font will be sent to your email address. Delivery time varies from 1 up to 10 days. If you prepaid, your font will be sent to you when itís finished. If you choose to pay on completion, your font will be delivered upon notification of payment. You will be sent a preview of your font along with a link to the product page where you can go to checkout.

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